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  • Crane crane reservoir reservoir is dayao chuxiong yi nationality autonomous prefecture in yunnan province only a medium reservoir,位于大姚县七街乡锁北村,From yao county26Kilometers,Built in ducking flies river tributary of seven street,By crane dayao county water authority management of reservoir management。In more detail
  • C between reservoir is a flood in、To generate electricity、Integrated with agricultural irrigation and urban water supply reservoir。In the past two years,A lengthy drought in our county,Led to a serious shortage of reservoirs,For irrigation water and county tap water pipe network of water supply of the production and living of the masses has brought certain influence。In more detail
  • The sea wave reservoir of chuxiong city53Kilometers,Is50S the construction of a farmland irrigation、Comprehensive medium reservoir flood control and power function,Irrigation farmland area2Ten thousand acres,Take the downstream ChengKun railway、108National highway、: yuanmou area and the county flood control task。In more detail
  • East river reservoir in the northeastern LuFeng town on the east river,Including yuanjiang river system;Dam site is located in the creek township in ZhangJia Village yipinglang road,Adjacent to the LuFeng wutai mountain scenic spot,Away from the county to the southeast33Kilometers,From ChengKun railway400M。It is currently LuFeng build at the earliest、The biggest reservoir,Total capacity1731Thousands of cubic meters,Belongs to the medium of waterIn more detail
  • Mao Banqiao reservoir is located in the west of nanhua15Km south bridge town,Also known as reservoir sand bridge。Mao Banqiao reservoir east block longchuan river,Mao Banqiao reservoir on the trees,Mountain yan temple,Has warded tourist resort。In more detail
  • Longchuan for jinsha river south bank level tributaries,Is rich in water,Originating from nanhua temple emperors slope on the east side of chuxiong yi nationality autonomous prefecture fish maw PuZao pond,From west to east through the bridge town、Nanhua、Chuxiong city,Again to the north into the authors、The black hole and yuanmou county town,Across: yuanmou area,In the north: yuanmou river township into sands in the endIn more detail

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The company always follow“Strives for the survival by the quality、To the credibility of development”Business service tenet,Stick to it“Unity、And progress、Innovation、Pragmatic”The enterprise spirit and style of work,After all the staff of hard work,Has become a strong engineering survey and design ability and management ability、Professional efficience、Technology, well-equipped、Modern science and technology enterprises personnel quality is higher。

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